Steam locomotive fireman training will start this spring at Jokioinen Museum Railway. After gaining enough experience and working hours fireman can be trained to be a steam locomotive engineer.

The theory lectures of the course will be held at Minkiö on two weekends  28.-29.4. ja 9.-10.6. There will be a written exam after the second weekend. Practical training will be agreed on individual bases.

To participate on must be at least 16 years old. The book used for the training is the "Höyryveturit ja niiden hoito" (Steam engines and their maintenance) by Mikko Ivalo.

If you wish to participate please sign in and inform Teemu Virtanen by 20.4. Teaching will be by our experience steam locomotive drivers PTJ Koskinen and Jarkko Lehtonen with the help of Olli Savela and Pekka Vuoristo.