Accommodation during the camp is arranged in old sleeping coaches, which are located at Minkiö station. There are several cabins in both of the coaches, and 2-3 beds in each cabin. Blankets and pillows will be arranged, but you should bring bedsheets or a sleeping bag with you.

Toilets, showers and the saunas are located in the same area as the sleeping coaches (50-100 meters from them), so they are conventionally close to you.

The kitchen is in the same building as the showers, in the workshop building. All the meals will probably be served in the same building, or maybe in the garden if the weather happens to be good enough. Breakfast ingredients will be served for you to prepare your own breakfast. Meals are mostly served readily made, but on some days it is possible that you will make your own meals of the served ingredients.

You will have a possibility to experience a sauna bath on almost every evening during the camp if you want. Please bring your own towel and swimsuit with you.

If you happen to get your clothes dirty on the camp, there is washing machine in the workshop building. Despite it, please be prepared not to use the machine quite often due to conventional reasons.