The annual autumn meeting of the Museum Railway Association operating the Jokioinen Museum Railway was held in Minkiö at Kiipu village hall on Saturday 24.11. 2012.

The annual meeting elected a new board of directors for year 2013. The following existing board members have been elected to serve one year terms starting in January 2013: Marko Laine from Helsinki as a chairman, Lauri Niemi from Vantaa as a vice chairman, Teemu Virtanen from Lahti as a secretary, Lea Harjula from Jokioinen  as a treasury.

Tuomas Juhantila from Turku and Tapio Rintamäki from Hämeenlinna have been elected to serve two year terms starting in January 2013. Tuukka Selkälä from Humppila was elected as a new vice member of the board. Janne Rutonen who was elected as a board member last year will continue his two year term.

In addition to electing the board of directors the annual autumn meeting approved the budget and the plan of action for year 2013. The plan of action includes for example preparation of a project and financial plan for new exhibition building for rolling stock. The museum train traffic will continue like on previous years. The main event of the year 2013 will be again the Minkiö Steam Festival on the last weekend of July.