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You can join by filling the membership application form. If you would like to ask more information please contact the association secretary Mathias Luther.

Engineer and fireman in the locomotive cabin.
Working with old steam locomotives is challenging but rewarding. Locomotive engineers Tapani Havia and Jarkko Lehtonen in JR4's cabin.

The 2021 membership fee is EUR 28 per adult per year. Children under 18 years pay 14 euros.

Are You interested in old railways? Perhaps You might work in real historic railway? Are You interested in voluntary activities and restoring historic railway rolling stock? Do You want to work as a steam locomotive fireman? Do You want to receive Resiina magazine four times per year?

If You say yes, just join a member of Museum Railway Association! We will provide everything listed above. Jokioinen Museum Railway is an unique historic railway, which will need every volunteers skills and spirit to run now and the future. Voluntary people is needed to maintain track, rolling stock and buildings. And of course to operate trains, arrange happenings and much more!

In summer Sundays we need volunteers to work as a station master to a steam locomotive engineer or as a brakeman to a pointsman. Everyone is valuable and because nobody is born as a blacksmith, what is the better place to learn the old-fashioned railway workers skills as a real railway?