Renovation work on the steam locomotive Sohvi will continue this week as well. The locomotive's water tanks are waiting to be repaired and the locomotive's cab will be converted to its original appearance. The frame, wheels and machinery are serviced and painted. The locomotive is to be restored as close as possible to its 1917 appearance.

The cabin and water tanks have been removed from the steam locomotive. Only the boiler is left on the frame.
The locomotive has now been dismantled and the grinding and painting of the boiler jacket can then be started. Photo: Marko Laine 1.12. 2020.
A blue steam locomotive cabin on a concrete floor.
The locomotive's cab has been raised on the shop floor and the work of converting the fire wood bunker to the original look and the groundwork for painting the cabin can begin. Photo: Marko Laine 1.12. 2020.
Two blue locomotive side water tanks tied on top of a trolley.
The water tanks are waiting to leave for reparation on top of a push cart on a track in front of the Minkiö workshop. After they return the tanks are supposed to be waterproof again! Photo: Marko Laine 1.12. 2020.