HKR 5 steam locomotive overhaul

In the days between Christmas and New Year a lot of work has been done at Minkiö with the 103-year-old locomotive. The modification work on the fire wood bunker was continued with laser precision. The boiler jacket was cleaned, primed and painted 2-3 times. The frame and wheels were scraped, sanded and cleaned. The frame was painted with primer and topcoat. Once we get the blue topcoat paint the wheels can be also painted.

A steam locomotive boiler jacket partly painted with a gray primer and partly with a graphite black surface color.
The boiler jacket has been sanded and primed and now the first coat of topcoat is going on. Photo: Teppo Niemi 29.12. 2020.

Before painting, it was time to wash the locomotive frame and boiler lagging of all the dirt that had accumulated in them. The locomotive was washed with a hot water pressure washer, after which scraping of the old paint from the frame, boiler blades and wheels will begin.

A steam locomotive boiler and a frame outdoors in a hot water wash surrounded by steam clouds.
After dismantling, the locomotive was washed with a hot water pressure washer. Photo: PTJ Koskinen 11.12. 2020.

Renovation work on the steam locomotive Sohvi will continue this week as well. The locomotive's water tanks are waiting to be repaired and the locomotive's cab will be converted to its original appearance. The frame, wheels and machinery are serviced and painted. The locomotive is to be restored as close as possible to its 1917 appearance.

The cabin and water tanks have been removed from the steam locomotive. Only the boiler is left on the frame.
The locomotive has now been dismantled and the grinding and painting of the boiler jacket can then be started. Photo: Marko Laine 1.12. 2020.
A blue steam locomotive cabin on a concrete floor.
The locomotive's cab has been raised on the shop floor and the work of converting the fire wood bunker to the original look and the groundwork for painting the cabin can begin. Photo: Marko Laine 1.12. 2020.
Two blue locomotive side water tanks tied on top of a trolley.
The water tanks are waiting to leave for reparation on top of a push cart on a track in front of the Minkiö workshop. After they return the tanks are supposed to be waterproof again! Photo: Marko Laine 1.12. 2020.

The next big step was to remove the locomotive cab. Now the work is over and the cabin is detached and lifted by a shop crane next to the locomotive. Most of the dismantling work has now been done and the actual repair of the locomotive can begin.

The stripped steam locomotive frame in the workshop with a blue locomotive cab next to it.
The locomotive's cab is detached from the frame and lifted by a shop crane next to the locomotive. Photo: Tuukka Selkälä 28.11. 2020.

So now the renovation of the steam locomotive HKR 5 "Sohvi" has started at the Museum Railway workshop. During the coming winter season Sohvi's leaking water tanks will be repaired. The locomotive cab will be restored to its original appearance and the locomotive will be thoroughly serviced.

In the spring the locomotive will be painted in a darker blue shade revealed under the builder's plate. Next year Sohvi has been employed by the Museum Railway for 50 years. The first museum train in Finland was hauled by this locomotive from Forssa to Humppila in August 1971.

Side view of a blue steam locomotive with the side water tank removed.
The wainscoting of interior walls, side window with top rails, end boards and cabinets have been removed. As well as front windows, rear window grilles, builder's plate and number plate. The cylinder drain cock lever is off, the sand lever too. Photo: Marko Laine 27.11. 2020.
A blue water tank has been lifted next to a steam locomotive on a concrete floor.
The right-hand water tank is now off and on the shop floor. Photo: Marko Laine 27.11. 2020.
Side view of a steam locomotive without a water tank. The rusty boiler jacket is well visible.
Behind the water tank, rusty boiler jacket is exposed, it is to be painted during the renovation. Photo: Marko Laine 27.11. 2020.
The builder's plate has been removed from the wall of the cab, and remnants of the old dark blue color were found beneath it.
The original colors of the locomotive were revealed under the builder's plate and number plate! Those plates have apparently never been removed for painting of the locomotive cab? The dark blue color is largely in line with the colour of the HKR 2 coach. The builder's photo also shows the black boiler. These findings are historically spectacular. Photo: Marko Laine 27.11. 2020.