Done at the end of last week and in the weekend:

The wheels have been cleaned, the truck wheels completely cleaned. All of the wheels are primed and top painted. The water glasses have been repaired, the valves have been grinded and packed. The throttle handle has been rebuilt. The back of the firewood bunker was built and the steam dome cover was finished.

Things to do: Fixing the painting of the frame, second layer of painting would make a difference on both the frame and especially the wheels. Grinding of the Turret Valve of the fountain would now be easy to do. The window frames (loose) still need to be sanded and painted black.

The black painted frame of the locomotive and the wheels painted with gray primer.
The left-hand side of the locomotive wheels have been primed already and the frame has top coat finish. Photo: Marko Laine 24.01. 2021.
A man paints the locomotive wheels with a blue topcoat.
The wheels of Sohvi are painted with a blue topcoat. Photo: Marko Laine 24.01. 2021.
The running gear and the frame. The wheels and the rim of the frame are painted blue, otherwise the frame is painted black.
The wheels and the rim of the frame have been painted on a blue color. The entire running gear is now painted with top coat. Photo: Marko Laine 24.01. 2021.