The last phase on moving the station building was to remove large temporary wooden blocks the station was sitting on top of. This work was done on Friday the 14th of December. The building was raised up corner by corner and the large blocks were replaced with smaller wooden wedges. The final leveling of the building will be done only after winter when the foundation stone blockes have settled.

Wooden station building surrounded by orange tarctors.
The new Humppila station building is lowered of the temporary wooden blocks on to smaller wooden wedges. Photo: Jyrki Längman 14.12.2018.

After all this work the last work to be done was to clean the Humppila railway yard of all the wooden blocks and sleepres and also clean the interior of the station building.

Station building and orange tractors.
Finally the station building is in it final location. Photo: Jyrki Längman 14.12.2018.
A station building on foreground and a work train on background.
The last work was to clean up the Humppila yard. Photo: Jyrki Längman 14.12.2018.