On the third weekend of January (15.-17.1.2010) the work on the coach continued with painting and preparing the structures for windows.

The ceiling of the second class got its final coat of paint. Some parts of the ceiling had to be still filled and sanded, so there are areas where more painting is required. The interior walls of the third class were primed with new light brown premier. The walls will be grained to imitate grain of oak wood.

The work on the third class benches continued with final filling, sanding and priming. Also these benches will be grained to reassemble oak wood, but with more yellow tone than on the walls. The second class seats will be upholstered.

The work with window openings continued by making a sheet metal boxes under the windows. The opening windows can be lowered to these boxes and the water proof boxes will collect all the moisture and water which will be directed out with a copper pipe. This will avoid the water and humidity to damage the wooden structure of the car body.

Pictures of recent work

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