During this spring rebuilding of the first phase of Jokiranta project has been going on rapidly. The track is already reaching the old syrup mill.

new track laid on woode sleepers. On the background you can see the insdustrial buildings.
The Jokiranta track (the Syrup Spur) in May 2018. Photo: J.T. 15.5.2018.

Total of 80 m of fully rebuilt track has been laid since April and the curve of the syrup mill is almost ready. Only three rail lengths (60 m) of track is missing until the goal is reached. After this there is still some ballasting work to be done. Also old rails should be taken away.

Photo at the end of newly railed track. A railway sleeper set on top of rails marks the end of track.
The end of the track at the Syrup Mill. Photo: J.T. 15.5.2018.

The old rails of the Syrup Spur will be used at the rebuild of the Sand Spur between Minkiö and Humppila. The best rails will be saved to be used as spares at Minkiö and Jokioinen stations and on the main line between Minkiö and Jänhijoki railway bridge.