The long voyage of the Riippa station building for Humppila started finally on Tuesday morning the 11th of December. Originally the station was going to leave already two months before, but there were some last minute prpblems with missing construction permits. Finally the permit to remobe the station was received and the date for moving the station was agreed.

It was early morning when the crane arrrived and test lifting of the station building was done. That revealed a surprise as the weight of the station building turned to be 24 tons, instead of expected 10 tons. Luckyly the crane was large enough to handle also the heavier station building.

The station building is hanging in the mid air.
The Riippa station building has left its foundation and is hanging in the mid air. Photo: Jarno Heikkinen 11.12.2018.

For the time of craning the station building the voltage of the overhead lines had to be turned of two times; first for the test lifting and then for loading the station building on the low body trailer. The permit to cut the elecrticity on the South-North main railway line had to be applied for two weeks before.

The station building sits on top of a low body transportation trailer.
Riippa station building sits on top of the transportation trailer. Photo: Jarno Heikkinen 11.12.2018.

Before loading the station building there were some preliminary work done. The roof tiles of the station were removed together with some of the foundation stones to fit in lifting beams.

After the station building was loaded on the trailer and workers had been drinking fairwell coffee offerred by people of the local village the long voyage to south of the station building could start.