On Wednesday the 12th of December at 3.05 AM after 12 hours and 15 minutes on the road through snow, sleet, rain, slat and mud the station arrived at Humppila. Also the foundation stones arrived during the same night.

Large stones are used to construct the foundation. Severale men and helping.
The foundation of new Humppila station is slowly coming up. Photo: Jyrki Längman 12.12.2018.

In the morning work started at Humppila. At the same time preparations for carning the station building were going on together with rebuilding the stone foundation of the station. Mr Murphy had played his game with the foundation stones as few of the stones had same number. However after some thinking the right order could be found out and by the time the darkness fell down the foundation was ready just after 5 PM on the same evening.

The station building on top of the transportation trailer.
Riippa station arrives to the site. Photo: Jyrki Längman 12.12.2018.

Before craning the station building a temporary road had to be constructed over the broad gauge tracks. Just when everything was ready for unloading one of the lifting beams bended.

The only solution was to call a break and order a new lifting beam. Finally the station building was lifted on temporary bed built of railway sleepers and also the volunteers of the Jokioinen Museum Railway could take their work train back to Minkiö arriving there just after midnight.