In the middle of March the sanding and priming of the third class benches continued. Unattached legs of the benches were sanded and primed with the new yellow primer. The finishing work of the benches continued by filling, sanding and priming the benches with the new yellow primer. The third class benches will be grained like interior walls of the third class, but with more yellow tone.

In the weekend a work started to renovate one of the outside doors. The door was found to be all right condition, except the lowest piece of wood that was completely rotten. A new piece of wood was made of a large piece of birch wood. On Sunday also the second outside door was taken under work by starting to remove the old coats of paint.

Also the work on the down sliding windows continued. The original metal springs were assembled in the metal window boxes. The weight of the window will be on top of the spring when window is on its lower position. The window frames are in quite a bad condition after being sand blasted at least once and exposed to elements during the 30 years the carriage was on display in a city park of Karkkila. Probably at least a part of the windows requires replacing.

Pictures of the work

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