The ex Hyvinkää-Karkkila Railway passenger coach which has gone through a long renovation was having first test runs in the end of November when a frame of a Jokioinen railway passenger coach was sand blasted and painted in the Minkiö workshop. During the autumn and winter a lot of work has been completed on the coach. New parcel shelves, new hand rails for the end platforms, new trimming and new windows have been completed.

Around the New Year all the  windows were varnished and washed and installed. Also the trimming of the passenger compartment was finished. The passenger compartment will be still varnished at least one more time. Also the candle lights and parcel shelves have to be installed in the final form before the interior of the coach is ready.

Also the hand rails of the end platforms need to be varnished and brake system installed. After this the coach starts to be finally ready to run!