The board of Museum Railway Association for 2014 was elected in the annual meeting held on the 30th of November. Mr Marko Laine will continue as the president of the board and Mr Janne Rutonen will be the new Vice President. He has already been a regular board member for many years.

The new secretary will be Ms Katariina Ketoja and the new Treasury will be Mr Lauri Niemi. The previous secretary Mr Teemu Virtanen and Treasury Ms Lea Harjula will not continue with the new board.

Mr Tuukka Selkälä who has before been a Vice Board Member was elected as a Full Board Member. Mr Alexander Vaganov was elected as the new Vice Board Member. Board Members Mr Tuomas Juhantila and Mr Tapio Rintamäki continue there two year term.

In the annual meeting the action plan and budget for 2014 were approved. The meeting decided also to increase the membership fee from € 24 to € 26 for adults and from € 12 to € 13 for members under 18 years.

There were total of 29 people attending to meeting hold at Kiipu Village House at Minkiö Station. The meeting started with a moment of silence in memory of long term members of the association Mr Pauli Söderholm and Mr Olavi Kilpiö.